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    world of beveling

    beveling machines from small to large

    world of beveling

    beveling machines from small to large

world of beveling

The beveling machine that suits your application

GERIMA redefines productivity in the welding process: Discover our innovative and powerful beveling machines that enable you to add considerably more value to your projects. The symbiosis of ergonomics, precision and efficiency makes the hearts of welders, engineers and controllers beat faster. Discover Passion for productivity.

Weld preparation

More efficiency through perfect weld preparation

Edge rounding

Preparation for paintwork and corrosion protection made easy

Straight edges

Consistent precision, meter by meter: Leading on the edge!

Contour edges

Easy to handle, ergonomically designed.


Reduce the effort required for beveling boreholes.

Pipe end processing

Processing pipe ends has never been more precise and efficient.

Made in Germany

Beveling machines

GERIMA beveling technology ensures perfect edges. Around the world.

54 qualified and competent employees
more than 35 years of professional experience
Used world-wide
One goal: your satisfaction
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Check what you need for your individual applications

Are you looking for a machine that is optimally suited to your applications? Then we should talk!

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