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Consistent precision, meter by meter

Beveling and rounding straight edges

Leading on the edge!

Leading on the edge - that is what welders and welding engineers are focusing on from now on! With GERIMA machines, straight edges can be processed faster and more accurately than ever before.

GERIMA S-Machines
for small and medium quantities

GERIMA M-Machines
for medium to large quantities

GERIMA L-Machines
Stationary machines for large quantities

Our tools for CNC machines involving large quantities

  • Edge processing with SMA 50 BEV
  • Edge processing 20 mm bevel
  • Edge processing with SMA 40 BER
  • Edge processing 15 mm bevel
Recently a machine dealer asked: When does the dealer support actually end? Quite simply: As long as the customer beveling tasks to do, support does not end at all. We provide support before, during and after the purchase - as long as the customer works with our products.
Alexander Rieth, Specialist Dealer Service
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Check what you need for your individual applications

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