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MMB - medium milling machines

MMB 100

Beveling of workpieces with straight edges. Precise guidance of the workpiece with prismatic guide 45°.

MMB 400

Adjustment of the machine in just a few steps for processing of sheets, pipe ends and round blanks.

MMB 500

Operation and processing of plates with the MMB 500.

MMB 600

Processing of welding bevels on a workpiece with straight edges.

MMD - medium milling machines

MMD 200-V

Machining of sheet metal and pipes (MMD 200-V with module for vertical pipe processing).

MMD 200-H

Processing of pipes (MMD 200 with module for horizontal pipe processing).

MPP - medium pipe-end beveling machine (preturning)

MPP 200-M

Pipe-end beveling with MPP 200-M.