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Pipe bevel preturning machine LPP

LPP – Pipe-end beveling machines

Pipes, pipe bends and T-pieces can be beveled quickly and precisely with the LPP series.

The processing method is peeling which allows many different shapes and preparations at pipe end. 

Application / Advantages

  • simple, exact and safe beveling of pipe ends
  • tools with a high cost effectiveness
  • suitable for all materials with good mechanical working properties (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics)
  • contour processing with copying tools (optionally)
  • no programming skills required
  • 2-axis CNC control allows many different shapes and preparations
  • compact and robust construction
  • stand-alone or as part of a process chain
Type LPP 1200-K LPP 1600-K
Pipe diameter 10" ~ 48" 16" ~ 64"
Bevel width (man.) max. 15 mm (1.pass) max. 15 mm (1.pass)
Bevel width (autom.) max. 100 mm max. 120 mm
Spindle RPM max. 120 max. 80
Feed NC / CNC NC / CNC
X-axis strokes 180 mm 200 mm
Y-axis strokes 120 mm 250 mm
Main motor 11 KW 22 KW
Weight 11.000 Kg 23.000 Kg
LPP - pipe bevel preturning machines



LPP 1200 Pipe-end beveling machine
LPP 1200 Pipe-end beveling machine
LPP-1200 Side view
LPP-1200 Front view
LPP-1200 Preturning process

Product video