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High performance plate beveling machine LGA

Bevel-belt grinding machines LGA Type I

High performance belt grinding plant for processing mild steel, stainless steel, high strength steel and wear steel.

The operation of the LGA series differs in general to the other series. Here the workpiece is clamped and fix the grinding unit moves then. The LGA series are available in different lengths and they are offered with three different grinding unit variants. In the machines of the type I, the grinding unit is processing the bevel from above and it is controlled manually in this case.

Application / Feature

  • Bevel angle and residual land width precisely controllable
  • No heat input into the material
  • Excellent quality of the welds in the critical load range
  • Significant rationalization potential by significantly shortened working hours
  • Low, calculable tool and consumption costs
  • High material removal rate
Stroke 1600 mm 3000 mm
Bevel width 2-60 mm 2-60 mm
Bevel angle 0-75° 0-75°
Plate thickness 2-60 mm 2-60 mm
Power input 11 kW 11 kW
Tool set LxW 100x2200 mm 100x2200 mm
Vers. Type I LGA 1600 LGA 3000



High-performance-plate-beveling-machine LGA



High-performance-belt-grinding-machine beveling
High-performance-belt-grinding-machine clamping
Clamping grinding-belt high-performance-belt-grinding-machine
Clamping grinding-belt high-performance-belt-grinding-machine
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Grinding-unit high-performance-belt-grinding-machine LGA
Grinding T-beams high-performance-belt-grinding-machine