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Foundation of the engineering office Stephan Rieth with a focus on methodological invention, development and construction.


Foundation of today's GERIMA GmbH, with its focus on the development of machinery and production processes. The first project of a fully automatic pretzel machine for the bakery industry is developed and built.


There are first requests from customers for solutions in the field beveling, chamfering and weld preparation, primarily in the area of crane construction.


Increased focus on the topic weld preparation. This is followed by the development and construction of the first FasRapid grinding system for manufacturers of mobile cranes.


The increasing customer interest in beveling machines leads to an expansion of the product range with a first stationary milling machine, a precursor model of today's MMB family.


The company continues to progress. It follows the terms of the new company premises in St. Wendel, with about 200 sqm administration building and 110 square meters of production area. With the increasing demands on hand-beveling machines the development of new milling techniques will be pushed further, and thus laid the foundation of today's highly successful SMA series.


An optimum customer service also requires a corresponding diversity of machines. To further complete the product range first hand grinding machines are added to the range. In the same year the production area is expanded to 220 sqm.


The machine program is supplemented by shearing machines as a further alternative to the grinding and milling process. As part of the continuing expansion it takes place increasing the production area to 440 sqm.


The patented GERIMA-milling technology is the engine for growth and leads to repeated expansion of production area to 750 square meters.


With the addition of the existing product range with tools the basis for "world of beveling" and the product T / S / M / L is laid. This is accompanied by the expansion of the production area to 1,100 square meters of production area.


Start of our own CNC production (turning, milling and grinding). With the distribution of pipe beveling machines the first steps in a hitherto entirely new market segment. This GERIMA is represented both in the market for sheet metal work and tube processing as a supplier of beveling machines.


Entry of Saarland venture financing mbH (SWG). With the financial participation the realization of the vision "world of beveling" is even more advanced. The development, particular the S-, M-and L-machines, is accelerated and expansion on the world market is tackled.


The second stage of the development of hand milling machines with patented spring system and quick change system for milling heads is presented to the public. The tool-range is complemented by diamond tools.


Expansion of production area to 1,500 square meters of production area. The realization of the vision "world of beveling" is being constantly pursued. In the course of development of all machine families T / S / M / L on a broad front it also occur enlargement and expansion of production. The break-even point is reached and the positive operating result allowed growth investments in addition to the SWG-capital participation.


In January, the CNC machines in the production almost completely destroyed by the involuntary collapse of a wall of the hall. The damage hits in addition to the production, the further development of the machines very heavy. The insurance of the two potential tortfeasor refuse to pay for the damage, as they blame each other. With short-time working in the production area, reduction of development activities and staff cuts the difficult situation is counteracted. The general economic crisis plays a decisive role, as the demand for small engines in the range of S-machines remains stable. Ultimately, the court must make a judgment as to the wall collapse. It will happen over the next few years.


GERIMA consolidated itself after the wall damage. To this end, this year, the L-machines are completely revised and presented to the public in a new level of development.


End of 2011, the break-even point is reached again, the quasi-state that had already been achieved before the wall collapsed in 2009.


Expansion of production area to 1,750 square meters. Structure of the human resources and organizational structures. Introduction of an internal co-entrepreneurs-, management- and rewards-system.


With the construction of a photovoltaic system GERIMA continues to invest in the future. The plant with a capacity of about 315 kWp generates electricity for the own consumption. With the reduction of CO2 emissions Gerima makes its contribution to environmental protection.


Expansion of production area to 3,000 square meters and start of the cooperation with OEM partners in the field of GERIMA milling technology.
2015 2016 2015/2016 are the signs of development for growth, to this the number of employees rises to over 40 employees. The GERIMA STAR products are specifically developed and standardized in order to market them train to train on the GERIMA dealer network worldwide. The GERIMA STAR products thus represent the basis for the planned strong growth of the company in 2017. The STAR products are in each segment (T = Tools, S = Small machines, M = medium machines, L = Large machines) the products with the greatest market and growth potential. The equity participation with the Saarland venture company mbH (SWG) ended for 31.12.2015, further growth will be realized on its own.
2017 In order to increase efficiency, investments are made in several automated storage towers with a respective total height of 6 meters and a total payload of up to 66 tonnes each.
2018 The planned growth strategy will be continued consistenly. GERIMA is investing in the expansion of office space and extension of the training center by an additional 200 square meters.