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SMA - small bevel milling machines

SMA 20-E / SMA 20-P

Processing of chamfers and radii on inner and outer edges, contours and holes for paint preparation and corrosions protection.


SMA 30-EVR with quick-change system for milling heads for processing of bevels and radii.

SMA 40-P

Preparation of bevels for welding seam preparation on straight edges and contours.

SMA 50-E

Processing of bevels and radii on straight edges and contours. Edge processing on holes in sheet metal and pipe walls.

SMT - small table-edge milling machine


Processing of chamfers and radii on straight edges, contours and holes in small and medium-sized components.

SGA/B/C - small grinding machines

SGA 50-E

Grinding of weld seams on sheets to obtain a flat, homogenous workpiece surface.

SGB 50-E

Beveling of sheet edges.

SGC 20-E

Regrinding (deburring) of metal edges or flame cutting edges in holes.

SGC 40-P

Regrinding of flame cutting edges.